How to Read More and Read Better


Reading is the primary ingredient to enrich your mind. People often find it hard to read books and to enjoy reading. In this age of technology reading books may seem like a boring thing to do, so struggle to read and don’t know how to enjoy reading. So here are some cools tips for you which can be beneficial to you to enjoy reading.

Read, the obvious and most appropriate thing to if you want to enjoy reading books. The more you read new things, the more you enjoy reading. Try to find someone who has changed the world with their ideas by watching television and playing on their fancy phones, you won’t be able to find a single person. Reading books may not be one of your passion, so you have to find time to read books. Try to make it a habit. The habit of reading books is beneficial to enrich your thoughts. So if you are finding it hard to read, you may have to force it. Try to read some books forcefully, and you will see the result.

Cover a wide range of book categories to find out new things to learn. You have to vary your reading materials, then you will love reading. Any subject that may interest you, try to find a book similar to that subject. You will love to read about that stuff in a book. Attention is the most important thing if you are trying to read something. Without attention even the most interesting thing may feel dry. So your book should get your attention. Read widely and cover as much as topic you can. Don’t focus on a particular field.


Once you have developed the habit of reading, you don’t have to read forcefully. Reading deliberately is the most important thing to enjoy reading. Selection of books are also very important. You can you divide your reading categories into different categories, like Theology, Biblical Study, History and Culture. Once you select your category, it will be easier for you to find books to read. You can also develop categories on your own. Read books on regular basis. You will enjoy every bit of your reading time once your mind has full attention to reading.

Interactive reading is another important thing you should do while reading books. Try to imagine every sentence you are reading. This is called interactive reading, and it is very effective to enjoy a great book. You can read many serious books by great authors, but if you don’t understand those, you won’t enjoy reading. So understanding what you are reading is very important to enjoy reading. Interactive reading of a book will force you to read it again and again. Once you get involved in the story, that’s when it becomes interesting.

So these are some simple tips for you if you are trying to develop a habit of reading. Follow above tips you will surely start to enjoy reading books.