Read Techniques to properly clean a carpet

After reading tons of materials about cleaning and specifically carpet cleaning, i wanted to get it right and not ruin my carpets. When it comes to carpet cleaning, most of us are complete aliens and have no idea just how to deal with this chore that is incredibly important and unbelievable necessary, especially since we all want to live in healthy and sanitary houses that are safe for us and our families.

However, despite that wish that we all have it seems that we are rarely willing to do more than just vacuum our carpets and mop the floors.

If you are one of the people that I’ve mentioned above then you should certainly pay attention and take note of the fact that there are countless unhealthy micro – organisms living inside the fibers of your carpets. These micro – organisms are called dust mites, allergens and bacteria and they are responsible for many health disorders like allergies, respiratory issues and even skin problems.

You will be thrilled to find out that all of these problems can be solved or even avoided if you keep your carpets decently clean and neat and if you take care of them on a regular basis as I read many articles and inquired with a professional Oakville Carpet Cleaning company. So here is what you should do in order to keep your carpets clean.

Step 1: Vacuum

You should vacuum your carpets at least once a day. I feel like vacuuming every other day is too much time where dust mites and allergens can meet up and gather inside your carpets. So vacuuming every day is crucial in keeping your carpets clean and sanitary.

Step 2: Preparing a cleaning solution

There are plenty of cleaning solutions that you can choose in stores but I guarantee that none of them are quite as good as the ones you can make by yourself at home. You basically have a couple of options, depending on the ingredients you have in the pantry.

You can either try a one to one ratio of water and apple cider vinegar or a one to one ratio of lemon juice and water or, if you want to brighten the colors of the carpet and get out nasty stains, you can always choose baking soda with water.

Step 3: Brushing the carpet

Once the cleaning solution is done, all that is left for you to do is use it to brush the carpets. This is the part where you have to get down on all fours and put some elbow grease into it. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort but in the end it is absolutely worth it. Just keep in mind to use the right rush and for it not to be too hard or to have hard hairs that could potentially damage your carpet. A soft brush will certainly do the trick.

Step 4: Vacuum again

Once the carpet is all brushed and already looking better you absolutely need to brush it again. This is the only way for you to be certain that all the extra dust and grime that has come out of the carpet will go away for good and not go back inside the carpet’s fibers.

Limousine Hiring Tips for You

If you are thinking about hiring a luxurious Limousine car for your special occasion you should consider some facts before hiring. Hiring anything without some research is never a good idea. So if you want to hire a Limousine – you should get to know about limousine.


There are many reasons why people want to hire a limousine cars, especially occasions like marriage or birthday. I recently took a ride with the limousine company and I understood why these Limousines are always a great ride if you want to go somewhere with style. Some questions are common about limousine rental.

Here are some simple yet important tips for you about limousine rental service.

The first thing first, the cost of hiring. When people think about hiring a limousine car they often worry about the costing. But the truth is hiring a limousine doesn’t cost you much, may be a little more than a normal taxi. There are many limousine rental service available in your city. So you should get to know about the pricing of each of these companies. Then you can decide the service you want to take. The cost of hiring a limousine car mostly depends of additional services you want to receive. Otherwise hiring a limousine is unbelievably cost effective.

There are different types of limousines available for hiring. You should decide about what types and size of car you need for your occasion. Generally there are 6 types of limousine cars available. These are Luxury sedans – which are generally Lincoln or Cadillac’s. The number two type is the stretch sedan which allows more space in the car. The next two types are 6 passenger and 8 passenger sedan cars. 12 and 18 passenger cars are also available.


The next thing you should know about the additional services you may get with a limousine rental service. You should always ask your service provider about what services are included with the hiring. There should not be any kind of hidden cost. Knowing about different all the additional services will make sure you can decide what you need. You may find out services you don’t need at all, so you can ask your rental company to exclude that service. Limousine rental service should be flexible so you may decide what you need.

People are often confuse about how much they should tip the driver for the service. And if you are thinking about whether you should tip the driver or not. The answer is – you should, there must a minimum tip for the driver after a service. The tip should be 15% of the total fare- which shouldn’t be much for you to bear. So the next time you are thinking about hiring a limousine car you should keep some money extra to the tip. I read that all in books about the city.

Many people want to know about whether they can drink alcohol in their rented limousine. The answer is simple – if it is legal in your country or state, you can definitely drink in your rented car. But some states or countries don’t allow that. So you should know about the rules first.