About Me


As you all know, I love reading and writing, its my passion. I love also writing about what I read, my thoughts, entertainment, issues in this world and many other things. My main purpose of this blog is just for entertainment and my opinions are just mine and are to be taken just for fun.

I mostly like reading all kinds of entertainments but mostly educational material. Why? Because it helps improve my brain strength and memory and education. World is a beautiful place and i love knowing everything there is to know about it.

I encourage a Book discussions though due to the spam in comments nowadays you need to send me any comments you would like to post so I can include it in our user section of this Blog. I encourage thoughts and opinions about the reviews I post and highly appreciate it.

I also love to advertisers advertise on my blog so if you want any advertising to be done, just contact me and make sure to follow my privacy policy. For pricing fees please contact me for details and mention your date requested and period you would like to run an ad for.

Make sure to always check my blog for recent thoughts and opinions on the books and topics I will be discussing. My blog is full of fun and entertainment !